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Preparing kids and teens for lifelong growth in Christ.
Freedom Kids
Ages 3 to 3rd Grade
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4th to 5th Grade
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6th to 12th Grade
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Ages 0 -2

Nursery & New Parents Room

Nursery services provided during the worship service
2nd Floor - Yellow Room
New Parents Room also available with video stream
2nd Floor

Prioritizing Christ

Christ and His Word are at the center of all we do. There is no lasting change without the work of Christ in our lives. Therefore, we seek to address the students’ need to understand their role in the greater plan of God.

Partnering with Parents

We understand that parents are the primary ministers to their kids and teens. We strive to come alongside parents and provide support, materials, and encouragement so that spiritual conversations are continually happening in the home. 

Life on Life Discipleship

We believe that godly examples are essential for effective discipleship. Therefore, we aim to cultivate godly mentorship through spiritual discussion and intentional community.

Age 3 - Kindergarten


Dismissed after worship during the 11:00AM service.
2nd Floor - Green Room

1st to 3rd Grade


Dismissed after worship during the 11:00AM service.
2nd Floor - Blue Room


The Godly Play curriculum is rooted in story, wonder, liturgy, discovery and joy as children seek and find the mystery of God's presence, nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children.

Freedom Kids

Junior Village // 4th-5th Grade

Dismissed after worship during the 11:00AM service. (1st Floor)

Our junior villagers are reflecting on what it means to follow Jesus and learning how to abide in Him.
At Village Youth and Junior Village our students are taken through a progression of reflecting on what it means to follow Jesus, learning to apply the truths of the Bible to their lives, and studying God’s Word with the aim of understanding how to live as followers of Christ in today’s world.

Village Youth // 6th-12th Grade

Youth Room (1st Floor) 10:10AM - 11:00AM

Our middle schoolers are working through themes of the Bible with an emphasis on Bible study methods and application.